Our proposal

Gastronomic culture between innovation and tradition.

After 35 years, the daughters of Chef Peppe Barone, Carla and Francesca, take the reins of the business, bringing a breath of young air but always with an extraordinary attachment to traditions.

Menu – Fattoria delle Torri Restaurant – Modica.

our philosophy

Since its inception, 35 years ago, Fattoria delle Torri has tried to follow those ethical principles, which support small producers and small businesses in the area Today, the daughters of the historic Chef Peppe Barone have decided …

... to continue on this track; from the choice of suppliers, passing through the wines of the cellar, the leitmotiv for the two sisters, Carla and Francesca, is to look for the best “Artisans” in the area.
The research and study on the products of the area also leads to an ethical choice in the selection of all those so-called "poor" raw materials, which lead our cuisine to deviate from the classic canons, fishing in history for those recipes and those traditions that lead us towards a reasonable and sustainable consumption .. This attention is reflected in Francesca who, like an alchemist, mixes spices, smells, and flavors in her cuisine, but also in the surprising combinations, including wines, beers and drinks, that Carla proposes to accompany dinner.

A restaurant with a kitchen and a cellar that exude modernity and freshness, with wines from young cellars and dishes suitable for an audience that loves to have fun and relax during dinner.