In Modica Bassa, Sicily, a 23-year-old chef, Francesca Barone, together with her 25-year-old sister Carla, started an innovative and experimental restaurant in July, founded on the combination of sustainability and gourmet cuisine.

Only a few months before, Francesca and Carla found themselves discussing with their father the fate of Fattoria delle Torri , a historic and elegant restaurant that chef Peppe Barone had been running for years, to which they were fond, where they had grown up and which after a long time needed to transform. Thus came a small revolution. It was they, with their fresh ideas and in tune with the contemporary world, who took it in hand and gave it new life.

In the kitchen, Francesca involved Chiara Danielli: thirty years old, from Milan, they met in 2019 in Peru, during an internship in a restaurant in Lima and both in the midst of a trip to Latin America, guided by the curiosity to taste and know. So they found themselves two years later to imagine together a menu that did not forget the discoveries made while traveling and that was not harnessed in any preconceptions. The only watchword is sustainability .

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September 25, 2021 – article by CATERINA ORSENIGO