Francesca Barone

From an early age she showed an aptitude for cooking; her first experience sees her alongside her father in the family restaurant. The passion for travel and cooking, combined with her hunger for knowledge, led her to travel around Italy and the world. The Alajmo brothers, Combal Zero and finally Peru are just some of the stages in Francesca’s professional “journey”. His cuisine therefore expresses freshness, research of the best raw materials and a certain wit in mixing aromas and flavors.

Carla Barone

His passion for wine was born at the end of his training course; the diploma at the Liceo Artistico and a Master in restoration of ancient works demonstrate his aptitude for art. He starts working in the theater in 2015; her desire to improve and the course to become a Sommelier led her to travel around Sicily, reaching the starred restaurant of the Hotel Signum in Salina. Now with his sister he has decided to take the “big leap” by taking over the historic Fattoria delle Torri restaurant, owned by Chef Barone , as well as father of the two sisters.